Free webinar
Caribbean Citizenship from $100,000
24 August 2021
6:30 pm WAT
Visa- free Travel, Safety and Tax optimisation
At the webinar, we overview all Caribbean and Vanuatu Citizenship programs. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages and tell you about all the nuances of obtaining a passport and visa-free travel around the world
What else?
How can you unlock your freedom with alternative citizenship?
Is it legal to have a second passport and what is the strength of Caribbean passports?
How to obtain a Caribbean or Vanuatu passport in 2021 - real clients' cases.
What is the difference between the 5 Caribbean countries and Vanuatu? Pros and cons.
Dotations, investment in real estate, or government bonds - what's better for you?
Tax system in Caribbean countries and Vanuatu – what do you need to know?
Reliability, liquidity, and profitability analysis of Caribbean real estate investment.
Kemal O. Nicholson
Kemal Nicholson is a Leading expert on Caribbean Citizenship programs at Migronis Company. Nicholson is a native of Antigua and Barbuda and was recently appointed by the country's Prime Minster as special Economic Envoy to the Russian Federation. He has years of experience working with citizenship programs of other Caribbean countries as well such as Grenada, with 4 years of service at the Grenadian Embassy in Moscow. Nicholson holds degrees in Political Science and international relations.
Why clients trust us:
Citizenship and residence permits since 2012
The most profitable and official investment programs in 20+ countries worldwide
We are confident in the result, but we are ready to ensure even the minimum risk for you with post-payment service
Offices in 5 countries
Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, the UAE, Cyprus

100% confidentiality and legality without agents
We have a staff of lawyers, real estate brokers in every country where the programs are available
Governmental licenses
We have undergone the screening process by the governments of the Caribbean and the European Union and received their licenses
International recognition
Experts Of The Year award from the intercontinental legal directory Global Law Experts in 2020.

Included into the Honorary List of the 25 Best Immigration Companies in the World by UGLOBAL IMMIGRATION in 2020.

TOP-50 of the most influential representatives of the international sphere of investment immigration according to the authoritative resource UGLOBAL in 2019.

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The webinar will be helpful for:
Business people and TOP-managers
who are out for investing capital competently and safely and removing all boundaries for their business
who want to invest in foreign assets or real estate abroad
Families and parents
who intend to obtain citizenship for a child or send their children to study in school or university abroad
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