The Best Way to Obtain Second Citizenship/Residency with Crypto
Invest in your future and personal freedom
Residence in Europe or citizenship in the Caribbean? It's up to you to choose!
Invest in your future and personal freedom via Сitizenship and Residency by Investment Programs
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Second citizenship is a necessary investment for stability and safety with many more advantages:
Consular protection from both countries
Enjoying the same rights in both countries — vote, live, work, and enjoy two safety nets
Solid passive income from overseas rentals, dividends, investments
Citizenship can be passed on to future generations by descent
World-class education and healthcare services
A great tool to legally reduce your tax burden
Sense of community
Total freedom and security
The overall upgrade and convenience
Full control of your wealth
Peace of mind
Second citizenship can be obtained by investing money in the local economy: buying real estate or securities, starting a business, or creating jobs.
The minimum investment — $100,000.
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Is it possible to do it all yourself?
In fact, there are many government-approved investment options. You can choose from the chain-branded hotels around the world, luxury apartments, venture capital funds with a high yield, or government funds in the Caribbean countries. After it's done, you need to draw up a number of documents for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit.
The good news is that you can get a citizenship or residence permit on your own.

Or not get at all
A 50-50 chance
We increase the probability of success to 99%!
We offer solid legal expertise in the global legal services market. We have 5 offices in 5 different countries, which helps resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
We know all the unspoken rules of refusal and calculate risks in advance. We increase the probability of success to 99%, and even the remaining 1% of people are warned that most likely they will not obtain citizenship. Each client is treated individually.
If we say "OK" after the audit, then you are guaranteed to receive citizenship or a residence permit in 2-8 months.
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Citizenship of the Caribbean — From $100,000
Residence permit in Europe — From €180,000
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Why Migronis?
Since 2012, Migronis has promoted the idea of total freedom following the Flag Theory.

Over 50 countries worldwide offer various investment programs which allow investors to obtain a second citizenship. At Migronis, we work with the most beneficial ones.

Migronis has offices in 5 countries to stay up-to-date with local regulations and to hand-pick the most valuable assets from our database.

We value our clients and their trust. Therefore, we remain highly goal-oriented to deliver the best service possible.
The seven flags of freedom: how many do you have?
Every day we follow the rules imposed by the government: heavy taxation, a questionable quality of education and medicine, high food prices, financial monitoring, etc. However, there is always a way out.
In 1964, the most high-paid investment consultant Harry Schultz introduced the Three Flag Theory of "personal freedom," which was later expanded to 7 Flags.
An ideal country to grow and develop your business. Possibility to manage everything remotely and tax benefits on top of all this.
Business opportunities
Digital assets
A crypto-friendly country with a possibility of instant transfers, complete confidentiality, and a high level of independence from state regulators.
A separate country with a developed system for personal data protection.
Digital privacy
This flag implies that your tangible investments, such as real estate, agricultural land, or some precious metals, should be in a different country.
Physical assets
The country where you hold your assets should be somewhere else from where your money is actually earned or spent.
Offshore banking
This is one of the key flags in the Flag's Theory. Obtaining a second passport is necessary to mitigate risks and state dependence. A second passport can open the borders of many countries and help manage a business in different parts of the world.
A backup residency
Maybe you are not ready for a complete relocation. However, you certainly can recognize the benefits of residency somewhere offshore. Here you can choose a country that does not tax its residents on profits earned outside its borders.
Want to achieve a super result? Choose the best ones!
Key Stages in the Application Process
We are waiting for a positive verdict and will receive the new documents together with you. If necessary, we also help with other operational, business, and even domestic issues (including arrangements of additional documents).
Obtaining of documents
step 3.
Getting second citizenship is a completely confidential process.
We check your documentation for compliance with the requirements of the immigration services free of charge. We analyze investment funds' transparency.

Result: background check report + signed contract.
Free preliminary check
Step 1.
Selection of investment options
We help you select the investment option that suits you best, and our expert starts the process.

If you decide to obtain citizenship through investing in real estate, we will show you the property object and help you choose the right one from trusted developers.
Step 2.
How long does it take to obtain citizenship or a residence permit?
2-8 months
Have you ever had cases when you submitted documents, but citizenship or a residence permit was not given?
No, there were no such cases. We are aware of all the pitfalls due to our internal audit and even the 1% of clients who are refused, are warned of this possibility.
What is the difference between citizenship and a residence permit?
Citizenship gives you the same rights as other citizens of this country have. Permanent residency gives you an opportunity to live, work, do business and enjoy benefits like free health care. After a few years, a residence permit can be easily replaced with citizenship.
Which country is better to choose?
It all depends on your taste. Our immigration lawyers can help you choose the perfect country and achieve the desired citizenship.
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Invest in your future and personal freedom via Сitizenship and Residency by Investment Programs
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