The Best Way to Obtain Second Citizenship/Residency with Crypto
Invest in your future and personal freedom
Become an owner of fashionable housing located on the Portuguese Silver Coast.
Get Golden Visa as an amazing bonus!

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Investments start from €375,000
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Exclusive offer: Investing in these spa & golf resort apartments is one of the most profitable options for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal in 2022.
The fastest way to obtain EU citizenship (for yourself and family)
Your best passport with a low residence permit (only 7 days a year)
The opportunity to invest in the ever-growing Portuguese real estate market
Preferential tax status (NHR) issued for 10 years
Possibility of 100% return on investment while maintaining a residence permit
One of the most favorable countries for doing business
And here is why:
Real estate from €375,000
Инвестиции в Фонд
Инвестиции в Бизнес
Real estate from €375,000
For €375,000, you get a super-luxury apartment near Lisbon and take advantage of a Portuguese residence permit.
High profitability
Инвестиции в Фонд
Инвестиции в Бизнес
High profitability
According to experts, the region in which the resort is located will soon become a part of the Algarve's Golden Triangle, one of the country's most valued and exclusive areas. This means that there is a high probability that the apartments will grow in price.
Luxury Europe Holidays
Инвестиции в Фонд
Инвестиции в Бизнес
Luxury Europe Holidays
By purchasing these apartments, you get a unique opportunity to relax on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for 6 weeks a year.
Zero risk investments
Инвестиции в Фонд
Инвестиции в Бизнес
Zero risk investments
You do not risk anything since the object has already been built and is already operating.
The cherry on top: This is the only ready-built project under the Portugal Golden Visa Program, and it is close to Lisbon! Considering that apartments are ready for sale (unlike most other CBI/RBI projects, these are zero-risk investments for you

The highly beneficial proposition gives you the legal right to buy a property in the coastal region of Portugal and obtain a Portuguese Golden Visa!
How does it work?
Invest in a reputable, value-oriented equity investment firm that has worked on the market for more than 30 years
Starting investment — €375,000
Get a residence permit in Portugal
6-8 months
Enjoy a hotel for 6 weeks in a year
6 weeks per year free stay
Get direct ownership of a property
You can benefit of the potential profitability of renting apartment or relax here with family and friends. Sale of the property is possible after 72 months (6 years) on the open market
Apply for EU citizenship
EU citizen's passport after a 5-year period
Ilana Meyer
Vice President of private clients
We recommend clients to invest in this resort, as it is a very promising property. The resort itself is located near one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, and a lot of 5-star hotels are being built around. It might also interest you to know that an international school is nearby.

Most of the properties under the Golden Visa Program are still under construction. But here, you can take advantage of the ready-made apartments.
Famous for its romantic beauty and majestic castle, this complex was earlier given to Queen Isabella by King Dinis as a wedding gift.
The resort includes a golf course, a five-star hotel with spa and conference facilities, and a luxurious complex of villas and apartments.
The 18-hole golf course was designed by Severiano Ballesteros, a Spanish professional golfer and one of the sport's leading figures in the twentieth century. Enjoy magnificent putting greens and a spectacular ocean view, all thanks to an amazing location.

The resort is just a few minutes away from the Atlantic coast and close to two of Europe's most popular surf spots: Peniche Baleal and Nazare.
Not sure about this resort?
Let's see our best examples of Portuguese real estate and learn about funding conditions to get the Portuguese Golden Visa!
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Is it possible to do it all yourself?
In fact, there are many government-approved investment options. You can choose from the chain-branded hotels around the world, luxury apartments, venture capital funds with a high yield, or government funds in the Caribbean countries. After it's done, you need to draw up a number of documents for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit.
The good news is that you can get a citizenship or residence permit on your own.

Or not get at all
A 50-50 chance
We increase the probability of success to 99%!
We offer solid legal expertise in the global legal services market. We have 5 offices in 5 different countries, which helps resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
We know all the unspoken rules of refusal and calculate risks in advance. We increase the probability of success to 99%, and even the remaining 1% of people are warned that most likely they will not obtain citizenship. Each client is treated individually.
If we say "OK" after the audit, then you are guaranteed to receive citizenship or a residence permit in 2-8 months.
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How long does it take to obtain a residence permit?
6-8 months
Have you ever had cases when you submitted documents, but a residence permit was not given?
No, there were no such cases. We are aware of all the pitfalls due to our internal audit and even the 1% of clients who are refused, are warned of this possibility.
What is the difference between citizenship and a residence permit?
Citizenship gives you the same rights as other citizens of this country have. The permanent residency allows you an opportunity to live, work, do business and enjoy benefits like free health care. After a few years, a residence permit can be easily replaced with citizenship.
Which country is better to choose?
It all depends on your taste. Our immigration lawyers can help you choose the perfect country and achieve the desired citizenship.
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